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As a teen I was playing in bands and worked my way up to owning good professional equipment. I was puzzled to discover that some of the inexpensive Harmonys, Dan Electros and Kays that my friends owned had unique raw, agressive sounds that I really liked when played through good sound systems. Unfortunately, too often they were difficult to play and impossible to keep in tune. I experimented and found that most of them could become real workhorses with a primative cool lacking in my more “serious” instruments.

However, I have a tremendous appreciation of the quality, innovation and versatility of “serious” instruments and love to work on them just like I love to drive my wife’s BMW. For me the snarl of a Harmony Rocket with original DeArmond pickups is more reminiscent of the growl my ragged old Triumph. Sometimes one guitar (or car) just isn’t enough so please visit our  AcousticElectric and Bass pages.

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