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Electric Guitars

Strats, Teles, Jazzmasters, Jaguars, we love them and always have a great selection of new, reconditions and vintage Fenders. We have been an authorized Fender Service Center for just about as long as they have had authorized Service Centers. 

We keep plenty of cool Gretsch guitars around. They are just plain fun. There is a Gretsch for just about every music genre including yours. We are also factory authorized to repair Gretsches.

Then there are those Heritage guys. When Gibson left Kalamazoo Michigan, a group of their finest luthiers purchased the factory and equipment to continue to build some of the finest guitars on the planet. They are producing a unique line of Friendly River Custom instruments which delicately balance the best of their guitars from the 50s with the most modern innovations at shocking modest prices.

Taylor electrics have become a vital part of our electric department. The T5 and T3 archtops are some of the most versatile electrics we have. Taylor solid bodies are truly innovative and constantly evolving.

For several years I have admired the work of James Trussart. Lucinda Williams has used them exclusively for years. James is a true artist and each of his instruments is museum quality and unique and yet feels completely accessible. Play a James Trussart for ten minutes and you will feel that you have reconnected with an old friend.  

Robert Godin has been best known for building well made acoustic instruments in Canada for the past thirty years. However, he also creates outstanding electric instruments including a great mandolin and a fantastic eleven string, fretless oud. Godin builds great guitars aimed at the working musician. They employ the best components and workmanship. Everyone at Godin has a great attitude and they are truly a fun company to work with. 
Bill Nash is another unique guitar maker. He is a virtual encyclopedia of electric guitar construction from a bygone era. His guitars are truly remarkable yet priced for the working musician. Bill has created many cool and unique instruments for us over the many years we have worked together.

I did a lot of soul searching before applying to become a DiPinto Guitar dealer. As many of you know I primarily stock North American and European made instruments, but I also like to support smaller builders. Chris DiPinto is a small builder of exquisite guitars. Currently, he is having most of his guitars mostly built in Asia. The thought is that many, if not most, of the folks who would want a DiPinto couldn’t afford one if the were only made in Pennsylvania. Chris explained that while he does a lot of the work in his shop it is not enough to call his guitars American made. Surf's Up!

We are told that we have also have a respectable selection of used, vintage, and reconditioned electric guitars.

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