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I first saw an LsL guitar at a Maria Muldaur concert.  Her guitarist was very excited about his new  instrument and let me play it after the show.  It was wonderful.  Shortly after that I got a call from a staff member at LsL who asked if I was interested in becoming a dealer.  They sent me a guitar and we were off and running.  That was a few years ago.  Lance and Lisa Lehrman both have middle names beginning with the letter "S" so that is how the name came about.  Lance has become a good friend and we talk weekly.  They build their guitars one at a time and hand carve their necks.  They machine their bridges and other hardware "in house" and they wind their own pick ups.  Their necks and bodies fit together so tightly that even if you remove the bolts holding them together, they would not come apart easily.  I have never had to make any adjustment on an LsL neck.  Lance and Lisa build instruments that pay homage to Fender and Gibson, but they also have original designs and will build anything you want if you have the resources.  The Model I has a satin nitro finish, but has all the other hand made features at a more modest price.  The other instruments give you more latitude to design your own custom instrument and their high gloss nitro finishes are superb.  Another cool feature is that LsL guitars from Friendly River don't have serial numbers.  The have names.  The first one we had built was named "Amanda Jones", but few people understood the reference.  Do you get it?  If so, please let me know.  Recently, "Electra", goddess of Argon found a new home.  We are eagerly awaiting "GLORIA".  Order an LsL and you not only get to design the guitar or bass, you get to determine the name that is engraved on the neck plate.  Cool huh?  With LsL you are a name, never a number.  Whenever I call Lance to have him build a guitar, I ask him to go to the "light wood" body section.  Then I ask him to select the lightest most resonant of the light.  That becomes the next Friendly River LsL.  Check one out today.

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