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Acoustic Guitars

Street Fighting Man is really an acoustic guitar song.  Just listen to it. The dynamic power of a good acoustic guitar is incomparable. I also appreciate the subtle tonal characteristics and overtones of fine acoustic instruments. Really.  When I was a kid I had a Stella that I tried to learn on. I gave up in frustration many times but the problem had more to do with the instrument than my lack of  ability or determination.  I was able to borrow a Fender Duo-Sonic and things started to look up.

I now have dozens of great acoustics from Taylor, Hofner, Rodriguez, and Godin companies.  All of my new acoustic instruments are made in North America or Europe for the most part by musicians. Many of these remarkable instruments are priced well below $200. I have plenty of reconditioned and vintage guitars. I do often have used Asian instruments. I give you my word that every new or used Friendly River guitar plays great. Some just sound better than others.

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