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New Traynor All Tube Bass Amplifier

A couple of weeks ago a customer came in looking for an all tube bass amp. I had a wonderful Vintage Ampeg, that would be difficult to replace...but it sounds fantastic! That got me thinking. Fender has a wonderful all tube bass amp called the Super Bassman. However the head alone costs way over $2000, and it is really heavy. Then I thought of my friend to the north. They make all tube amps called Bass Masters. This YBA (Yorkville Bass Amp) 100 is one hundred watts...(makes sense). It has a line out for those larger venues...and you can change tubes on the fly and bias them yourself at the gig in an emergency! This also has an effects loop, can run at four or eight ohms will accept quarter in or Speakon connectors. Traynor is committed to "Green" manufacturing practices. The amp is $1035. This is resting on a 400 watt 2x10 solid plywood cabinet with attenuatable horn for $675. Our friendly UPS man just delivered this carrying the head and cabinet in ONE TRIP..and he is not an especially big guy. Traynor also has 200 and 300 all tube bass amps, as well as many different speaker configurations. Come and check this out....and you will be seeing and hearing Traynor Bass Amps at our summer concert series!

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