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Xerox Rocks

A week or so ago my Canon printer died. I had it about two years. Every time it needs ink,

it cost me more than half of what I paid for the printer. Over the years, I have purchased a lot of printers. I may just have purchased my last one. A few days ago I purchased this new Xerox from Gabe who owns Maine Document Solutions. It is a small shop in Gorham. Definitely not a big box or chain. Gabe is great. He set me up with this great printer for only pennies more than I had paid for my Canon at Staples. BTW Staples could not fix my old printer. They said no printer is good for more than a year or two. In any event, those MDS guys said they will fix my printer for free should it ever break down as long as I purchase supplies form them. I did need a little help setting it up and Eric talked me through it over the phone. So if you ever need a great printer at a fantastic price and you hate big box stores, go see Gabe and Eric and tell them I sent you. You won't regret it!

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