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The Philosophy of the Modern Song by Bob Dylan

New to the Rock and Roll Library! Bob Tims lent me this book. If you have only read the reviews, you may never have never read this arguably overpriced, quirky tome...and you would have missed something very important. If you want to hear more about the genius of the Beatles, the Stones, Springsteen, or even Mr. Dylan himself you won't find it here. Instead, you will learn about artists from the earliest days of recording to Elvis Costello. This book is so well written that you may wish to take notes. Bob has lots of great lines, some of which you may include in the next song you write. He talks about artists you most likely never heard of, and will make you want to seek out. This book has a lot of great pictures as well. Borrow it from the Rock and Roll Library, and who knows? You may end up purchasing you own copy.

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