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New Favorite Band "Fanny"

A few days ago Charlene and I drove three hours each way to see a documentary about Fanny, this fantastic rock band from the late 1969 to 1975. We loved the move, and it was only playing in one theater in Maine, and that was in Rockland. Just the place for a rock movie! Fortunately, there are a number of videos of them on YouTube. We have been searching for any of their vinyl, but they were never very popular in America so records are hard to find. (They were much more popular in England.) Just about everything is available on CDs, but who listens to them these days? Two of their albums will be re-released in September in very limited numbers. If interested you should order them NOW from Bull Moose. Watch some of their videos and let me know what you think. I like everything I have seen,

but especially the live version of "Badge". If you purchase new records or CDs it helps the band.

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