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DeArmond M77T

Harry DeArmond invented th first attachable guitar pickup in the 1930s. He teamed up with Horace Rowe where the created Rowe/Dearmond pickups and amplifiers. The first users were big band and jazz ensembles. They made detachable pickups for acoustics which became popular with British Invasion groups.

Older Gretsch guitars (and some reissues) used DeArmond Dynasonic pickups as did many Guilds. This M77T features American made Dynasonics as original equipment.

In 1995 when Fender acquired Guild guitars, they also picked up DeArmond (no pun intended). Starting in 1997 Fender started manufacturing DeArmond guitars in Korea that were shipped to America where the American pickups and electrics were installed.

In 2005, Fender dropped the line. This MT77T is a fine quality instrument built during that period. It is 100% original and plays great! The silver sparkle finish is starting to age nicely. The "T" indicates it is equipped with a Bigsby. This is one very cool guitar. $495

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