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1972 Ampeg B15N

This legendary amplifier was a stage and studio favorite during the 1960s and 70s. Jamie Jamerson used on on most of his Motown recordings and on stage. Rick Danko used on on the "Last Waltz" and on most "Band" recordings. Jimi Hendrix played guitar through one on the Dick Cavitt Show...and it sounded great! In this "N" (New) version of the visionary amplifier designed by Jess Oliver, the rocker boost switches on both channels were borrowed from the Ampeg SVT (Super Valve Technology) designed by Dan Armstrong. In my opinion this is the ultimate B15,

and it is in museum quality condition. The "head" flips over and can be safely stored and transported in the cabinet which gave it the name "Portaflex" as designed that was borrowed from sewing machines of that period. Many of you have heard that fantastic B15 sound in our Barn concerts. This comes with the original wheeled "trolley" for easy transport to your next performance. Perfect for stage, studio or your living room. $2395.

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