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1965 Mosrite Ventures

When I first saw this guitar, it was just a neck and body with no hardware and not electronics. In fact the body was covered in fingernail polish...but there was still something about the instrument that appealed to me. A customer brought in a Hallmark Ventures style guitar. It was very nice and he decided to keep it. I liked it well enough that I decided to call Hallmark to see if I could purchase some parts. Bob Shade picked up the phone. Bob is a master luthier, and musician who owns this very cool

company. We talked for a long time, and Bob offered to restore the instrument. Bob is the authority on all things Mosrite and Hallmark. In fact he worked with Joe Hall, who worked at Mosrite, then went on to establish Hallmark Guitars which Bob now owns. Bob's guitars are wonderful, and if he didn't only sell direct, I would be a dealer. In any event over a period of several weeks and countless phone calls, Bob completed this masterpiece. It plays like a dream and sounds like nothing else. Bob used many new old stock parts, and a few of his excellent reproductions. This has become my go to guitar and it is not for sale. You are welcome to check it out. If you are looking for a modestly priced Mosrite replica, Call Hallmark!!

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