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(I think that is what it is, but I could be wrong!) The Tokyo Electric Instrument and Sound Company (Teisco) was founded in 1946 and began importing guitars to America in 1956. Teisco manufactured guitars for a number of companies such as Kent, Kingston, and Heit as well as under their own name, Teisco Del Rey.

Teiscos were priced to compete with the Dan Electros, Kays and Harmony guitars of that era and often sported some pretty classy features. This instrument offers the player a bound neck with position markers that are pretty uniquely Teisco. The aluminum overlay is also a Teisco feature of that era, although the headstock shape and positioning of the tuning machines are unusual. The pickups are strong and feature rather large bar magnets and fairly typical Teisco rocker switches and control knobs.

This particular bass is very loud and punchy. It has a nice neck and is  light weight. It is certainly gig worthy. While the bridge isn’t very adjustable it seems to me that the intonation is close enough for most purposes. You don’t need a mini-skirt or bell bottoms to play this instrument, but it might help. It is seriously groovy. If you have any additional information about this instrument I would really appreciate it.

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