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This Egmond Model 3 was built in Holland by Dick Egmond and company around 1965. Sir Paul’s very first electric guitar was an Egmond Solid Seven which was neither a solid body nor a seven string instrument. (It makes me wonder.) It was manufactured by Egmond, but had the Rosetti name on the headstock. Rosetti was the name of a musical instrument distributor.

Egmond guitars were more popular in Europe than in America as in the early sixties few American made instruments were available to that market. More importantly, Egmonds were not very expensive and were within the grasp of many aspiring guitarists. In this country they were not a very expensive either, although they were of decent quality and had some interesting features. 

This Model 3 clearly took its inspiration from Fender’s Jazzmaster and Jaguar. The body of the guitar is wood covered with plastic. It is lightweight and sports three fine sounding pickups. The neck is kind of chunky, the frets are small like many instruments of that period and the guitar plays well.  It has a great whammy bar that stays in tune rather nicely. All in all this is a well made guitar that I would not hesitate to use in a band setting. With all of the pseudo-retro guitars being imported from Asia I find it interesting that if you look around, you may actually find an original for less money than a copy, (and Egmond’s are nothing if not original). Should you come across any Egmonds in your travels do remember that they can often be set up to play just fine and can be a real treat. (Dutch treat that is.)

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