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The Hard Stuff by Wayne Kramer

New to the Rock and Roll Library! Bob Tims just lent me this book with the understanding that I would donate it to the R & R Library when I finished it. Remember the MC 5? I was never interested in that band and I am still not. I just passed on their first album at a cool vinyl store in Meredith NH. My brother Bob saw them back in the day, and reported that they were not very good. Wayne and Fred (Sonic) Smith were the guitarists. Fred went on to work with and marry Patti Smith. Why should anyone read this book? This book gives quite a lot of insight into the Black Panthers, the White Panthers, and the decline of the auto industry in Detroit. While the MC 5 may not have been a great band, they were strong influences to bands like The Clash. You don't have to even like the MC 5 to find this to be a very interesting book. Check it out....or you can get it through inter-

library loan.

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