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Layla has Arrived!

Eric Clapton wanted a great new Telecaster for his stint with Blind Faith. He had a 1964 Telecaster Custom, but he didn't like the neck. "Brownie" his 1956 Stratocaster had the perfect neck so he had it put on his Telecaster. I told Lance that I wanted that guitar...or rather his interpretation of it. Lance made a '56 style Stratocaster neck and put on a crazy light and resonant ash body with a beautiful sunburst and of course double bound. Yes, I know "Layla" is a "Derrick" song, but I think it makes a good name for this instrument don't you? In any rate Laya weighs a mere 6.5 pounds and naturally comes with a G&G hard case much like the original Telecaster Custom case. $3050

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