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James Armstrong Band in the Barn!

Charlene and I saw and met James a couple of years ago. He put on a fantastic show and it was great to have a chance to talk to him. We told him about our barn concerts, and gave him a card pretty sure we would never hear from him again. You can't imagine how shocked I was when his manager phoned last week and said that James would like to play in our barn. James has played with Albert Collins, Keb Mo, and other blues legends and has had music featured in a number of mainstream movies. James will be driving here after a show in New York and before embarking on a European tour. I know these are still challenging times. At this time, we plan to have the barn door open to improve air circulation and to provide what social distances you are most comfortable with and for those of you can't resist getting up and dancing. The show is Friday, August 6 at 7:00. We are holding our donation level at $15, however should any of you wish to add a gratuity, I am sure it would be most welcome. As always everything goes to the band and we will continue to offer complementary refreshments to you our good friends. Call or stop by to reserve you seats now 625-8639.

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