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Genuine Friendly River Pint Glasses

I always keep glasses in the freezer. There is nothing like filling a frosty glass with your favorite beverage be it orange juice, Poland Spring water, Moxie, beer, or just plain old tap water. When I started asking the folks who do our t-shirts about pint glass I was asked how big a pint glass I wanted. I said 16 ounces was about right. (What other kind of pint is there?) Little did I know. Most American pint glasses are actually 14 ounces. I was told I couldn't get a 16 ounce pint glass. The owner of a local watering hole confessed that he did use 14 ounce glasses. If you order a pint in England and you were served a 14 ounce glass, the proprietor would most likely get locked in the Tower of London! Our good friends at Cardinal Printing in Denmark, Maine, located genuine 16 ounce pint glasses and printed them with both our 70s and 80s logos. They look great! Grab yours

 today! Only $10! What is in your freezer?

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