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Bits and Pieces

For the past year or so I had been getting my Visual Sound guitar effects from Fender. I had been very happy with that arrangement, but was unable to get everything they made. Visual Sound suggested I buy direct. I kept putting off making a decision until Fender stopped distributing them. They are boutique pedals without the boutique price and are really nice people. Buy buying direct I can either make more profits for myself, or pass the savings on to you. I reckon you will be pleased with my choice.

We are delighted to carry Longhorn Leather guitar straps. They are made by my good friend Duncan Clark. His straps are simply the finest on Earth and they look wicked cool. Duncan will make you just about anything you can dream up.

Ever hear of the Turbo Tuner from Sonic Research?  They are a strobe tuner made by some nice people here in USA. They have lots of great features, have received raving reviews, but I haven’t been able to find homes for them. Rather than have them sit around and collect dust, I offer them to you for $100 each. Interested? Let me know.

UltraSound has just been purchased by a huge corporation, but I haven’t noticed any changes. They still make great gear, in America at great prices. They actually make an acoustic guitar amp, that can handle bass, or electric with stop boxes and vocals, puts out 100 watts and is extremely compact and lightweight.  Even my dog can carry one!

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