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16 Tons The Merle Travis Story

by Merle Travis and Deke Dickerson is in the Rock and Roll Library!

This is an astonishing book. Bill Johnson gave it to me to read and donate to the Rock and Roll Library. Since I started reading it I became much more interested in Travis picking. Merle was truly a marvel well versed in numerous musical genres. The solid body electric he commissioned Paul Bigsby to build him pre dated any solid body made by Fender or Gibson. In fact he lent it to Leo before he build the first Telecaster. Merle convinced Paul to build a functional vibrato resulting in the famous Bigsby. Merle wrote portions of this book about his early live and Deke traversed the country doing research and conducting interviews. It was interesting to discover that a number of people mentioned in this book I actually know or at least have met and spoken with. Check this book out!

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