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New to the Rock and Roll Library!

"Unrequited Infatuations" by Stevie Van Vandt is in the Library. When Carolyn, the hardest rocking librarian, told me that I needed to read this book I was honestly a bit skeptical. She gave it to me even before it went into circulation. I read the first chapter and gave it to Charlene. We agreed that this is the only Rock and Roll book we have ever seen that is serious literature. It is truly well crafted. We have seen Stevie as Bruce's sideman many times. I wasn't sure what the big deal was. Actually, Stevie had a lot to say about apartheid and the remarkable work he did to see it abolished even though it was supported by our then president Ronald Reagan. Stevie established a great, but somewhat union band and became a successful actor. Want to find out who really owns the Hard Rock Cafe? It is all in this book. Remember you don't have to live here to be a member... or you can get this through interlibrary loan.

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