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Beatle Gear

For some reason I have always been drawn to  Hofners, Gretsches, Rickenbackers and Fenders. I have quite of few of them. I am also interested in who played what part on what track, with what instrument and sometimes why, on Beatles recordings. If you share these interests or are more of a Stones fan and just want to try out a Smoke Green Gretsch like Brian Jones played, a Travis Bean like Bill Wyman’s, or a Jaguar like Mick’s you should come by for a visit. Another good friend of mine is Rob Taylor. Rob knows more about the music of the Beatles than anyone I have ever encountered and is learning more all the time. I am honored to offer you his remarkably good Beatles instructional DVD's where he performs all the guitar parts on the correct period instruments. He also lets you in on a number of Beatle studio secrets. Rob currently has new exciting Beatles projects in the works.

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