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Bakersfield Guitars

The Illustrated History by Willie G. Moseley and Bob Shade.

My friend Bob Shade recommended this book to me. I purchased it, figuring I would read a chapter at a time over the course of a few weeks. It is totally compelling a read it cover to cover in two days! I could not put it down! In fact I have read most chapters a few times, trying to absorb all the wonderful details. As a teen a worked in the Andrews House of Music in Bangor which sold Mosrite guitars. As I was more into British Invasion than surf at the time, I never paid much attention to them. I met Mr. Semie Moseley back in the eighties and became a Mosrite dealer! Many of you may recall that Johnny Ramone played Mosrite guitars as well as the Ventures. Today, I am placing this book in the Rock and Roll Library here in Cornish so that any of you can read it and enjoy it as I have. I can see myself borrowing it back every now and then. Happy Reading!

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