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1987 Gibson SG Elite

Now here is a rare bird! Gold hardware, ebony board with big block inlays, and that classic 1960 style neck joint for easy access to the top frets. This beauty has a coil tap so that you can choose between the classic humbucker, and the legendary P90 growl. This also has the TP6 fine tuning tail piece paying homage to the great violin makers. Oddly enough, this originally came with a locking nut. Back in 1987 we were Gibson dealers. I was at the NAMM show, and knew Henry J., the president of Gibson, and asked him about that peculiar feature of the elite. "Why have a locking nut with no whammy bar?" Henry looked blankly at me, then asked some of the other Gibson guys, and everyone just shrugged and said "I don't know." Hence, the oversized truss rod cover. The locking nut option is in the original hard case, which looks like a Gibson case from the 50s. This is truly a rock and roll rarity. $2200.

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