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Saturday 10 to 5
S-T by Appointment

This is from the "You never know who is gonna drop in" department. One Saturday afternoon a few years ago, I was hanging out in the shop working on a guitar and a very pleasant gentleman came in and started looking around. He asked if he could try out a few guitars and amps. As many of you know, I sincerely love to hear all of you play and try to be attentive to what I can do to make you instrument work better for you. You know, get that sound in your head to come out through your amp. This guy starts playing in a variety of styles with remarkable passion. The kind that makes you drop everything and pay attention. "Zal?", I tentatively asked, thinking Zal Yanovsky could play like that. He smiled and nodded and continued to play some of the best music I had ever heard. He seemed pleased that I recognized his playing and we spent the afternoon talking about music, gear, and life in general. I couldn't put my hand on any of his vinyl quickly so he graciously signed this CD.