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You might want to check these out... Fender  and Taylor are prime examples of big companies that have never lost sight of where they came from and are true friends...  You may want to visit our European cousins Hofner... The award for the best music site, on this planet at least, would have to go to Nash Guitars... Mid-Missouri and U.S. Masters are small companies who build great instruments...   Gretsch and Heritage are really in a class of their own...  Deering is another great company...  Rodriguez makes classical guitars. Period. When anyone can do anything that well you hope they just keep doing it...  Godin makes lots of great instruments, makes them right, and makes them all in North America at prices we can afford...  Paul Rivera makes easy to use, low tech, tube amps encased in genuine wood cabinets that look cool and sound spectacular...  Whenever I want to get away from things and visit a guitar store I head for Northern Lights in Littleton, New Hampshire. Dan has a great shop, but it just isn’t right for any one man to have so much talent. Dan can play almost anything with an arresting degree of taste and talent...  Buzz Levine has the greatest vintage guitar store I know of. Lark Street Music is always brimming with cool gear and Buzz is one of the most honest and knowledgeable guitar people you could ever hope to meet...  We are also honored to support The Lance Armstrong Foundation. Cancer has touched the lives of all of us. It is our responsibility to fight back and LIVESTRONG.